Huge secret project reveal

I have been working on a secret project that has taken every bit of my time and energy the last few months.

Untitled design

But it has absolutely nothing to do with sewing or quilting!


This sweet surprise has taken my world by storm. I have been terribly ill and completely unable to sew for 7 or 8 weeks now; a pretty drastic lifestyle change for someone who sewed daily for the last couple of years.

My husband and I were pretty certain that 2 kids was enough. So certain, in fact, that we canceled the maternity coverage rider on our health insurance plan. BIG OOPS. Lesson learned: don’t cancel the maternity coverage until you’re ready to schedule the vasectomy!

Despite the sickness and the insurance woes, my household is buzzing with excitement. This child is such a gift, precisely because it wasn’t something we would have chosen on our own. Even before I took the pregnancy test I somehow wanted it to be positive. My head could give you a list a mile long of the reasons we thought 2 was enough, but my heart knew better.

One of the hardest parts has been accepting the change this will mean for my sewing and blogging. I had to mourn a little over the loss of my sewing room (which will be turned back into a nursery) and the impossibility of attending Quilt Con with a 2 month old. (I’m sure some super-moms will be there with babies but I’ll be at home taking a nap.)

I think it will be quite some time before I return to daily sewing. Right now it’s hard to imagine wanting to sew at all, but I know that’s the nausea talking.

I want to thank you guys for being a part of my sewing life for the last year since I started blogging! As soon as I’m ready to start sewing again I am sure I will want to continue sharing my projects with you.

But in the meantime, please know that I am happily resting & waiting for our Christmas baby.